About Us


When choosing Miracle Cleaning, LLC you can be assured you have thoroughly vetted, well trained, professionally managed, and highly secure personnel in your buildings.

• Employee’s personal background and employment history checked and verified.
• Employee’s work records are reviewed for ability, reliability and eligibility.
• Complete files are maintained on each employee
• DMV records examined
• Mandatory background check all for any State or Federal criminal activity (3rd party verification)
• Mandatory six-panel drug test (3rd party verification)

• Mandatory company orientation including our history, our core values and the services we provide on public health as well as on the quality of life everyone enjoys:
• A review of the employee handbook, including all company policies and procedures
• The principals and theories of cleaning
• Classroom training through interactive videos, CDs or DVDs, and workbooks
• Field and on-site training
• On going coaching, training and evaluating



Miracle Cleaning, LLC utilizes the finest janitorial equipment on the market today. This equipment is exceptionally time efficient and cost effective. Miracle Cleaning, LLC possesses the knowledge and skill to properly operate this high tech equipment entitling our customers access to substantial cost savings. An example of new technology we employ is the battery powered back pack vacuum. This tool is effective and will accomplish the job correctly; also cost effective by substantially reducing the overall time necessary to perform the task.

Miracle Cleaning, LLC constantly tries to stay ahead of the new equipment curve by working with equipment manufacturers who allow Miracle Cleaning to try their prototypes and then provide feedback.



Miracle Cleaning, LLC works directly with chemical and paper manufacturers to acquire the very best Green-Seal Certified products at optimum pricing.

• Miracle Cleaning, LLC maintains a complete line of environmentally friendly, Green-Seal Certified cleaning products,
cleaning equipment and consumable paper products.

• Miracle Cleaning, LLC products adhere to the following Presidential Executive Orders:

• Presidential Executive Order- 13101 Greening the Government
• Presidential Executive Order- 13148 Greening the Government through Leadership
• Presidential Executive Order- 13134 Utilization of Bio Based Products
• Presidential Executive Order- 12875 Environmentally Preferable Products and Services

• All employees are trained in the proper use and storage of cleaning products and supplies
• Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) notebooks are maintained where cleaning products are stored.
• Dispensing machines are properly calibrated to the correct dilution rate.



Miracle Cleaning, LLC is fully insured, providing protection and peace of mind to our customers. Miracle Cleaning, LLC pays all employee taxes and insurances as required by State and Federal law. We are state licensed, state certified and carry $2 Million in Comprehensive General Liability Insurance (covering both bodily injury and property damage), $1 Million in Worker's Compensation Insurance, $1 Million in Business Automobile Liability Insurance (any auto non-owned & hired) and maintain Janitorial Service, Fidelity & Honesty Bonds.